Question:    If I file a claim, will my rates go up?

 Under the 'Act of God' provision in most Home Owner Insurance Policies, the individual homeowner rates will NOT be increased. 
However, due to the increased number of storms here in our Illinois area, the odds are growing each day that our 'regional' pricing will see an increase in the future. The individual policy holder is not affected on a one by one claim basis, but rather on a 'regional' basis. Policies are analyzed on a larger scale or 'pool of policies' in a particular area/region.

Question: If I file a claim, am I in danger of being dropped?

 If a homeowner files an insurance claim due to act of 'Act of God' occurrence, it would be an extremely rare occurrence for any sort of negative action be taken by their insurance company. To date, none of the Contractors who work with Green House Contractors have had any clients lose their insurance due to an 'Act of God' claim to our knowledge. That being said, we always recommend speaking to your personal Insurance Agent for their insight in regards to your policy. 

Question: How long after a Storm can I make a claim?

 The answer to this question is ONE year after the initial Storm or Hail Damage to your home. The best way to approach your insurance agent is by having a Green House Contractors represent you when your insurance adjuster visits your home. The benefit of having a trained eye is essential in getting a fair representation of the Hail Damage to your home.


Question: How long do you guarantee your work?

 5 years for a re-roof, which is above industry standard.

Question: How long does it take from start to finish on a new roof?

 Depends on the size, but an average roof takes 1-3 days to be done.

Question: How much do you charge for cleanup?

 No, It's included in the roofing job.

Question: What causes a roof to wear out?

 Several factors combine to affect roof deterioration. These may include ultraviolet radiation from the sun, temperature extremes, exposure to wind and rain, and foot traffic on the roof. Darker color shingles may have shorter service life than shingles with a light color.

Question: What size hail is damaging to roofing?

 This depends on several variables - shape, hardness and density of hail, wind speed, age and type of roof. In general, pea and marble size hail should not damage composition roofing in good condition, unless extreme winds are present.

Question: You noticed granules from your composition roof in your gutter and your driveway, is this normal?

 Yes. With composition roofing, granular loss is part of the normal weathering process. Small hail impacting a roof often displaces some of the granules as does rain, wind and foot traffic.

Question: You noticed lighter colored "splatter" marks on your roof after a hailstorm, is this damage?

 No. The "splatter" marks that you see are normal after a hailstorm. Your roof has darkened over time since it's installation as a result of algae and oxidation. When the hailstones contact to the roof, the algae and oxidation are removed, leaving a light colored mark. In time, these marks will fade as algae grow and oxidation continues on your roof

Question: Are all homes in a neighborhood affected the same way by hail?

 No. The number, size and hardness of hailstones can vary tremendously within a small locality. Other factors include velocity and direction of the wind, roof pitch, age and condition. Each roof is different.

Question: How do I Know When it is Time to Re-roof?

 If potential trouble is spotted by performing an examination of your roof, you should consult a roofing contractor in your area in order to assist you in determining if a repair is in order, or if the roof should be replaced.
You Should alert a roofing contractor, like Green House Contractors, to have your roof professionally, inspected.